The Curse of the Former Housekeeper

Ok, so in my last blog I mentioned that the reason why Cookie can only nap while being held by someone is because our former housekeeper put a curse on me.

True story.

When I had my first child, “D-Bop”, I had a housekeeper that LOVED to give me unsolicited parenting advice. She wanted to be our nanny, so I think she was trying to prove how much she knew. My son would usually nap in his crib, but on the days I didn’t work, I often liked to hold him for his naps. Every time she saw this she would “tsk tsk tsk” and tell me how he would soon never be able to sleep in his crib.

She would literally come into the nursery while I was holding my sleeping baby and say, “Baby sleeping?”


Then she would shake her head and “tsk tsk tsk.”

Every. Single. Time.

While my son had no problem going back and forth between my arms and the crib, my daughter did, and I’m most positive it was Former Housekeeper that put the curse on me.

Blog 2 pic 1 Blog 2 pic 2 Blog 2 pic 3

Anyhow, after Cookie turned 1, and after we moved back into our house after being out of it for 4 weeks because our roof caved in (a story for another day) Cookie finally decided she was ready to nap in her crib.


And I have some extra time on my hands.

It’s funny, with my first child, it was like a 2 hour nap was NEVER enough to get everything I wanted to get done DONE. Then you have your second child, and what you can get done in 15 minutes with a baby in your arms is amazing and almost superhuman. And THEN when your son is in preschool and your daughter is napping in her crib, and you have 2 ENTIRE HOURS what do you do?


Well, I love to write and have been missing the luxury of being inspired and able to.   I also love to sleep in. I love to sit in my pjs until 3pm and watch an ANTM marathon on TV (GODDOTHEYEVENAIRTHOSEANYMOREITHASBEENSOLONG!). I love to go to the movies during the day.

So yeah, this blog thing seems the most attainable goal these days.

So, I would like to thank Former Housekeeper for finally deciding it was time to lift the curse so that I can finally start a blog. I get it, you were right, I was wrong…but I would also like to thank her for giving me that incredible time with my daughter (and that incredible time with my iPhone, I’m not going to lie). And in fact, it wasn’t always me that held Cookie, so Former Housekeeper, Cookie would like to thank you for that special time she got with her daddy, her grandmas, her grandpas, her aunts, and her baby-sitters. We couldn’t have done it without you, Former Housekeeper, and for that we are forever grateful.


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