No Day but Today

Tonight at about 6:30—post dinner, pre-bathtime—I was READY for my kids to be in bed. I started daydreaming about the TV Mac Daddy and I could watch; I was bursting with excitement about the talks we could have about our day; I was giddy thinking about the beers we could drink. And then a wave of emotion overtook me.

It is September 11, and no there is just no escaping it.

And we should not escape it.

In honor of September 11, I’m taking a moment to think about all of the things I love about my kids RIGHT NOW in this moment. Since kids grow and change so quickly, in a month they are going to be so very different.

So as some of my favorite Broadway stars once sang in that fabulous city, there is “No day but today.”

Things I Love About My Kids RIGHT NOW

  • I love the way D-Bop says certain words, like “Choc-o-late” and “En-trance”.
  • I love that Cookie LOVES to be held so much
  • I love that D-Bop is obsessed with Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all that rough boy stuff…but chooses to only watch Curious George or Busytown Mysteries because “those shows aren’t scary.”
  • I love the way Cookie says “Wheeeeeee!!” when she is on a ride toy.
  • I love that D-Bop’s brain and body go NON-STOP ALL THE TIME and that he is OVERFLOWING with creative juices.
  • I love that Cookie calls dogs “Woof-Woofs”.
  • I love that D-Bop let me take a picture of him like this:

photo (1)

  • I love that Cookie loves to play dress up:


(I mean, come on.)

  • I love that D-Bop tells EVERYONE that he likes their shirt.
  • I love that Cookie LOVES to clean. (Thank you, Former Housekeeper??)
  • I love listening to D-Bop shout-sing Sara Bareilles’s Brave while building with Legos in his room.
  • I love how Cookie dances by raising both fists wildly above her head.
  • I love that D-Bop believed the giant dinosaur puppet he saw at the Natural History Museum was real.
  • I love that Cookie is SO OBSESSED with her brother and loves EVERY toy he plays with, including his toy guns. (Girl can make a mean machine gun sound.)
  • I love that D-Bop loves his sister SO MUCH I usually have to pull him off her because he’s squeezing her too hard.
  • I love that Cookie loves feeding her baby dolls as much as making machine gun sounds (THANK GOD).
  • I love that D-Bop and Cookie race to Mac Daddy every single night he comes home from work.
  • I love that I can call them my littles.

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