The Foodmaker

Whenever I role play with D-Bop, he gets to decide who everyone is going to be. And it goes something like this:

“I am the big, strong knight! Cookie is the pretty princess! Daddy is the KING!!! And you’re the foodmaker, Mom.”

Don’t worry, there is variation. I mean, sometimes D-Bop is a prince or the King; sometimes Cookie is the Queen; but without a doubt I AM ALWAYS THE FOODMAKER.


I mean, I’m not even the Chef–hell, I’m not even the Cook– I. Am. The. Lousy. Crappy. Job-That–No-One-Wants. Foodmaker.

When did I get demoted?

It’s true, I do the majority of the meal planning and snack prepping because I’m pretty much a SAHM (with the exception of the two days that I work. 3 cheers for my boss who rocks!) As I was packing snacks for D-Bop and Cookie today, which they need to eat in the car after D-Bop’s preschool pick up and before D-Bop’s Taekwondo class, I was thinking about how challenging I find the food prep to be. In fact, I think it’s one of the most challenging things about this job as a mother. This is what my head sounds like when I snack prep: “What if he doesn’t like the new granola bars I bought and then he doesn’t eat it and then he starves all through his class and shows it by throwing an age-inappropriate tantrum?! Careful, if Cookie sees him eating that cheese she will want that too even though she’ll just chew it and spit it out all over herself. Raisins? I said I would never feed my kids raisins because there is too much sugar. Wait- keep the raisins! They will distract Cookie from climbing into the middle of the Taekwondo class! (Crap- is food even allowed in there?) But what if D-bop sees the raisins then WANTS the raisins later? Ok , pack another bag of raisins!”

Meal planning is even worse, but at least I just do it once a week and stick to it for the week. This is what my head sounds like on that: “My family needs to eat more fish. It’s been a while since we ate fish. Ok, 1 meal is fish. Crap- I’m the only one in the family who really likes fish. Ok, tacos. Turkey tacos? Beef tacos are so much better, but cows. Damn- I wish we were vegetarian. It’s so much better for the planet. Ok, fine- all vegetarian this week. Oh wait- we haven’t roasted a chicken in a while. Ok, roasted chicken. Wait- what’s the weather going to be like? 90s again?! D-Bop!! What should we make for dinner this week? What do you mean you don’t know? Ok fine- pizza, chicken casserole and tacos again. Wait- didn’t we do tacos last week?”

So even though Mac Daddy is SUPER helpful around the house and enjoys to cook and will do so when I let him he can, I suppose there is just no denying it: whether you like it or not, when you become a mommy you become “The Foodmaker.”

At least it will be a good thing when I’m older and he’s away at college and I’m begging him to come home to visit.

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