This sh*t is bananas.

My new love interest (LAUSD ❤ ) is playing SERIOUS mind games and it’s kind of freaking me out. And now I can’t get that Gwen Stefani song out of my head: “This sh*t is bananas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” (It’s a crazy world inside this head of mine, but you probably know that by now.)

Blog 12

I decided it was time to check in with “him” today and keep this great love affair going. So I opened my color-coded excel chart and reviewed my notes. I really wasn’t expecting anything to change because when I called the schools two weeks ago to ask about tours and whatnot, all but one basically laughed at me, saying that I was WAY too early. A couple of them said to check back in October, but most said after the holidays. Still, I thought I better quickly browse through the websites and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I missed a lot of sh*t.

Somehow I had missed that two of the schools that I have been STALKING are magnets. ?! I had no idea, even though I had STUDIED their websites. I happened to find it buried on one of the school’s websites, mentioning that they were starting tours for those interested in the Magnet program.   What I learned is that they are a Charter AND a Magnet, which I didn’t even realize was a possible combination. However, the Magnet portion doesn’t start until 1st grade, but the school begins in Kindergarten. In order to get in, you either live in the neighborhood or win the lottery (the charter lottery, that is, but I think your odds are about the same as winning the Super Lotto).

That then prompted me to revisit the eChoices website, which lists information about all the Magnet schools in LAUSD. I then found this page and decided I should go ahead and read through every Magnet school to make sure I hadn’t missed any other Magnet schools in the area.

Surprise! I had!

Another school I’m interested in also has a Magnet that begins in 1st grade. This school is actually a Charter AND a Magnet AND a SAS school.


Nowhere on this school’s website does it mention anything about a Magnet. The Magnet portion of the school has its own name and its own separate website. (WHY IS THIS SO DAMN CONFUSING AND COMPLICATED??? ) Now we are VERY interested in this school because it is in our favorite neighborhood that we are considering to move to so I really want to tour this school. When I called the school two weeks ago to ask when the tours will be held, Madame Secretary had one word for me, “Spring.”

“Great, thank you so much. And when should I call back to get that actual date?”


Spring my a**, Madame Secretary. I ain’t no Hollaback Girl, I have some decisions to make.

So because I’m lame sneaky and WAY overthink this entire process, I’m pretty sure I can get a tour if I claim I’m looking at the Magnet school, because according to the eChoices website, they are doing those in October. Now I just need to get that sweet Madame Secretary to return my call.

So since I’m trying to be helpful to others because I find “this shit is bananas”, for all the parents out there going through the same thing:

  • If you are interested in touring a Magnet school, October is the time. I have three tours set for the month of October.
  • This is because the eChoices application is due NOVEMBER 14. November, my friends. And you KNOW how fast October flies by, so that’s basically next week. (The application will be available September 30 and you can begin applying on October 1.)
  • Valley Alternative Magnet School is apparently the only school in the valley that is actually a Magnet that begins in kindergarten. However, if you are in my situation where you might want to make a move, you may want to see other Magnets that start in first grade so you can get a feel for the school.
  • And don’t believe anything you read. Valley Alternative Magnet School pretends to be all hardcore by saying they only offer tours in October and November so “plan accordingly”, but when I called to sign up, Princess Unikitty Secretary asked, “What’s a good day?” I told her and she said, “Great!” I asked if she needed my name or number and she said, “No, we are super laid back here!” Whatevs, Valley Alternative Magnet School, whatevs.

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