Costume conundrum. Part 1.

Because I love Halloween so much and because I’m a super nostalgic person who is obsessed with photo booking in a rather unhealthy way, the Halloween costume decision is always a big one. And this year it was a tough one.

luke ewok

Each year I want my kids to be dressed in something unique that hits close to home, so that when they are flipping through my photobooks years later they can say, “Oh yeah! That was a great Halloween. And by the way mom, I know how challenging it must have been to find the time to make these beautiful photobooks, especially when we were little, and I just really want you to know that I appreciate you and I love you.” (I’m not setting myself up for disappointment or anything.)

Also, thanks to my dad, it has been ingrained in my mind that, “Halloween is only one day out of a year so don’t blow a lot of money on a costume because what a waste!” (My father is also one of those people that points out the absurdity of large weddings. “Save that money and put it towards a down payment on a house!” While true and quite practical, it’s simply not as fun.)

So there lies my Halloween costume conundrum: I am obsessed with Halloween; I am not allowed to don’t want to spend a lot of money; I do want to come up with something unique and personal; I can only put it all together in 2 weeks or less because if I prep any earlier I know my littles are going to change his/her mind because they are little and that’s what littles do because littles are cray cray.
Benny unikitty

Now I don’t know why this snuck into my brain, but having kids suddenly made me want to MAKE their costumes as well. (That’s got to be cheaper, right Dad??) Which would be fine except that I have zero talent for such a thing. Sewing is such a boring thought to me I just fell asleep for a minute thinking about it. But I’ve learned that a little bit of fabric glue, some felt, and about five trips to Michaels can put together some cute costumes.

Two years ago D-Bop wanted to be a ghost. “A ghost?” I asked. “Are you sure?” What I really wanted to say was, “D-Bop, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! A ghost is not cute enough, totally cliche, and kind of just lame!” But he insisted. Luckily I found this ghost costume idea. Super cute, easy to put together, and 2 years later I’m still proud. Mac Daddy and I embraced it as well and put together some Ghostbusters costumes with a couple of white paint suits from Home Depot, some foam piping in some black backpacks, and 2 Ghostbusters logos printed out and taped to our fronts. (Now that one I’m sure made my dad proud.)

Last year was also fun because D-Bop wanted to be a robot. We turned him into a “D-Bot” with an old box, paint, pipe cleaners, and a bike helmet wrapped in foil. Cookie was a strawberry and wore an outfit that I bought, but I was ok with that because it is too hard to come up with something for a 3 month old. (And it was a unique strawberry that you didn’t see on every baby.)

But this year… I broke all my rules. I had to swallow my pride.


Here’s what happened…

(To be continued…)

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