What does Prince Charming REALLY look like?

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. That would be because of two reasons:

  1. The craziness of October, and
  2. The Great Love Affair of 2014/2015 aka The Great Kindergarten Search.

And yes, it is ON.

And from here on out that oh-so-perfect-school-I’m-hoping-we-find-this-year-but-may-be-sometime-down-the-road-I-just-need-to-take-deep-breaths-and-trust-all-will-be-fine shall be referred to as “Prince Charming”.

(Oh, I’m sorry, you probably thought this blog was going to be about something a bit more interesting than my school search, like perhaps marital drama or a larger comment on what is wrong with society. SOOOOOOR-RYYYYYYYYYY!!)

Let me explain.

At this point I’ve toured 5 schools and have 16 more to go. I’ve learned a lot so far, the first lesson being that a lot of the schools like to have an “Open House” IN ADDITION to their school tour, which means you get to find a baby-sitter twice instead of just once. The private schools ESPECIALLY love to do it this way.

Hold up, private schools, did you say?? Who said anything about private schools?

I know, I KNOW!! Hear me out.

After meeting with D-Bop’s (incredible! amazing! above and beyond!) preschool teachers, they suggested that I at least go check out a private school or two and see what the difference is between private and public. That way I at least know what they have to offer, and who knows, we might even get some financial aid.

So “a school or two” has translated into five private schools so far. I start with the private school Open House/tours this week and to be honest, I’m a bit skeptical. After all, I’m the person that had a VERY difficult time spending money on a brand new Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume for Halloween this year. How am I supposed to justify spending thousands of dollars each year on something that could be free? Especially when that money could be put into a mortgage for a house with another bathroom, which means I might even get a chance (one day) to pee alone and not have my makeup drop into D-Bop’s soapy sink water for a change??

But let’s get back to some lessons learned. As I’ve seen some of the differences between the schools, I think I’ve come to the realization why this is so difficult for me. I’m very interested in progressive approaches to education, which really builds on D-Bop’s preschool experience. I’m terrified of too much homework that can result in creating a negative experience for my littles about school. But I’m not AFRAID of homework, as long as it is reasonable. I am also afraid of not having a high enough API. And I want a choir because I was a choir nerd and have some great memories of choir (including meeting Mac Daddy…more on that later one day). So I basically want a free, progressive school that can test well with a choir. And as I continue to look at more public schools, that I have no control of getting into unless we are chosen in the lottery, I’m afraid I can understand why people choose private.

So as I search for my Prince Charming, and as I’m starting to understand what he looks like to me, it poses the age-old question—does he really exist? And if he does, is he really attainable?

I’m not sure, and I suppose time will tell. With a little bit of luck, some pixie dust and perhaps a fairy godmother, I believe we can find him.

Blog 19

***Bonus: Crazy Thoughts that Swirl through my Head Daily!

Since I have been busy touring and since I like to review my notes before bed, which usually causes me to dream about The Great Kindergarten Search (I’ve really got to get out more…and no, another school tour does NOT count, but thanks for the suggestion), there is CONSTANTLY a lot of noise inside my head. Here’s what it sounds like:

Oh. My. God. I LOVED that one school…but why isn’t their API higher? I need the API to be higher…but the garden, and the community service, and the schoolwide music program, AND they have a choir!! (Dear God, please let D-Bop and Cookie want to join choir). Ok, I don’t care about APIs anymore. But wait—that other school’s API is amazing! But do they just teach how to take a test? Is it true they ask the students that don’t perform well on tests to leave the room that day? Do they really get 3 hours of homework a day like I’ve heard? But the PARENTS…oh my God, there were so many happy parents volunteering all over the campus! And a happy, encouraging community, that’s my number one priority, right? I can be one of those parents! And the principal had super cute shoes! God, I wish I was watching New Girl right now. Ok, tomorrow I’m not thinking about schools, but instead I’m watching New Girl. (Where did Zooey Dechanel go to school? That school turned out a lovely and hysterical young lady.) OMG I LOVED that other school. It might be Prince Charming. But last year they had 0 openings. Let’s think, how can I break the rules and get my little in? Should I get a job there? Wait a minute, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a choir. Dammit! …oooooooor does an opportunity arise? Could I offer to be the choir director FOR FREE and get my little in? But I would have to get a piano. And an accompanist. Will they care that I don’t have any experience? Probably. Crap—I need to become a choir teacher in the next two months, before the lottery! But wait—that school is close to where we live now. And crap, we need to move. Maybe we should just do private. But it’s sooooo expensive. I can’t believe I told my mom the other day that a certain school ONLY cost $14,000 a year and was super excited about that because that’s WAAAAAAY cheaper than the other schools I’m touring. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! Screw this! I will not let these schools control me! Instead I will channel my inner Christina Braverman and open my own charter school as well! God I LOVE Monica Potter. She is so underrated. And why does Parenthood have to be in its final season? And I’m so over Julia and Joel! Or am I? It would certainly make things easier on Sydney if they get back together. Ok, tomorrow I’m watching New Girl AND Parenthood. Yes, THAT’S what I’m going to do.



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