A dream come true.

For years I dreamt about becoming a mom and sitting down with my littles and doing lots of arts and crafts. I also dreamt about being a mom during the holidays and savoring the holiday spirit with them…which included more (holiday) arts and crafts, letters to Santa, singing Christmas carols, dreaming of sugar plums, and sipping hot cocoa… quietly and peacefully as we sang Christmas carols and did arts and crafts.

But the first little that chose me as his mom had a different agenda.

As you’ve heard me mention before, D-Bop just doesn’t stop. His thinking is, “Why would I sit and craft when I can run, jump, swing, spin, dive, wrestle, and throw? And oh, it’s the holiday season? Cool. Let’s go outside and run, jump, swing, spin, dive, wrestle, and throw…and maybe I’ll sing Jingle Bells at the top of my lungs to make it festive.”

But last night a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE happened: D-Bop asked if after dinner we could write his letter to Santa.

What I wanted to say was, “Oh-my-God-I’ve-been-wanting-to-do-this-since-we-finished-trick-or-treating-and-would-it-be-ok-if-we-play-Pentatonix’s-Little-Drummer-Boy-on-repeat-while-we-do-it-and-thank-you-for-planning-ahead-because-Santa-really-likes-that-and-can-we-be-sure-there-are-lots-of-sparkles-on-the-letter?!!!!” But since I pretty much caused my little to despise picking his Halloween costume because of my over excitement about THAT holiday, I learned my lesson. So instead I took a deep breath and said, “Sure. Let me just finish my dinner.”

I ate as fast as I could (faster! before he changes his mind!) and when I was done we sat down and worked on his letter. While there were no sparkles, drawings, or even stickers, it was so nice to share this special, quiet moment with him as he thought so carefully about the sacred items he wanted to ask Santa for.

I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be extra magical for us. In the past, D-Bop has been super excited about Santa, but the items he asked for were more generic (I suppose to compliment all the running, jumping, swinging, spinning, diving, wrestling and throwing); items like balloons, water balloons, dominoes, balls, marble runs, and Hot Wheels. It was actually hard for him (and me) to come up with a list.  But he’s now at an age where his imagination is soaring and he truly has a wide range of interests. I have so many memories myself of getting those specific items that I asked for and being amazed about the magic of it all (how did Santa KNOW?!) and getting so very excited over a new My Little Pony or a new Barbie doll.

Not to dismiss the magic we are going to experience with Cookie as well. In fact, I expect it to be pretty similar because she is an entirely different person. At 16 months old she plays with toys in a totally different way than her brother did, meaning she PLAYS with them, instead of using them as another kind of ball. She has compassion for them, and loves to study her older brother so she too can hang with him and race her own cars down a racetrack and build her own car out of Legos. So oddly enough, while she is young and can’t dictate exactly what she wants from Santa, I have tons of ideas of things she would like and have a hunch she is going to have just as much fun with her new toys (and Dylan’s new toys).

I’m fascinated with how different they are. Is it gender? Is it birth order? Would D-Bop have played with toys like this if he had an older sibling to watch? Or is it strictly personality? (I must also mention here that Cookie shows tremendous promise to develop into an excellent arts and crafter.)

But I digress, so getting back to the Santa list whether one likes it or not– Ladies and Gentlemen, the holidays are here. I’m feeling a mixture of emotions: excitement, nostalgia, stress, anxiety, and hope. But since my littles will only be this little this one Christmas, I’m trying to stay in the moment and fully embrace it…or at least as much as they will let me…and (hopefully) without stressing them out.

So yes, Cookie and I did go Christmas shopping with my mom today, and yes, I did play Pentatonix’s Little Drummer Boy on repeat all the way to the mall and back.

Happy (beginning of the) Holidays. And here we go!

I mean, is this my kid or what?  He can’t wait until NEXT Christmas.  He is already excited about Christmas 2015!

Me too, D-Bop, me too.

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