5 Favorite Holiday Memories from 2014

Last week I was discussing with some friends the age they found out the truth about Santa and someone threw out 7. SEVEN?!?!?! If that holds true then that means I only have 3 MORE YEARS OF THIS INSANITY JOY?! First I’ll have to send my little off to kindergarten and then a couple years later I’m going to have to say goodbye to Santa?

Cue the nostalgic music. Sniff.

Below are some of my favorite Holiday Memories from 2014…when my littles were this little.

1. Santa stress
The day after Thanksgiving our family went to a barn and Santa was there. (Score! The kids were dressed for holiday family photos anyway so I could check this off my list AND skip the long line at the mall this year!) When D-Bop heard the news he said, “Santa’s here?! But Mom, I don’t have my list. HOW AM I GOING TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING ON MY LIST?!”

Maybe my son is more like me than I thought.

After calming him down and explaining that Santa is magic, and just tell him one or two things from your list, and we’ll mail the list later, we were ready to meet Santa. And then…

2. Ho ho ho…no
D-bop pranced up to Santa and I handed Cookie to Mrs Claus…but Cookie SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER and wrapped her little legs around my wrists so that there was no way I could let her go. Mrs Claus quietly excused herself so I could sit in her place with Cookie on my lap…but the TERROR continued to run through Cookies veins and she continued to scream. Scream actually doesn’t encompass the sound that came from my sweet 22 pound Cookie. This sound was guttural; it came from somewhere deep, like past-life-anger-and-fury deep. The heavens shook, the skies darkened and…ok I’m exaggerating, but it really felt that way.

(Side note: Secretly I’m thrilled because I think babies crying with Santa make some of THE BEST pictures ever, and now I have my very own!!!)

A few days later I showed Cookie the picture and jokingly asked her if she liked meeting Santa. She said, “Yeah.”


I’m not buying it because anytime she sees Santa or a picture of Santa she says, “Ho ho ho….no.”  Which is my new favorite Christmas saying.


3. A visit to the fire station
When I was little I have memories of delivering toys with my mom to the fire station for their annual toy drive. It’s very important to me that I instill the magic of Christmas in my littles in all aspects, and especially the giving back part. This time of year can be overwhelming and consumed with meeting their needs, and it’s a goal of mine to teach that the joy of giving feels just as good, if not better.

Watching my two littles walk up to the fire house with toys in their arms was pure joy for me. D-Bop carrying three of the five presents (as much as his 4 year old arms could tolerate) and Cookie carrying a toy, teetering along looking like the weight of it would topple her over at any second. I was proud of D-Bop as he willingly parted with the Hot Wheels toys that he didn’t have, but totally would have loved for himself. He never asked to keep them– he seemed to get it. These children needed this, to help create some magic and hope for them.

(Cookie may have cried a bit as she parted with the Hot Wheels monster truck, but perhaps next year.)

4. Portable North Pole
For the last 3 years my brother has created a “special video message from Santa” for D-Bop at www.portablenorthpole.com  It’s pretty awesome because you include specific pictures of your little, have Santa say what he knows your little has asked him for, etc. Each year it gets better and better for D-Bop to receive these messages. He was on the edge of his seat to find out if he was on the nice list or not (spoiler alert: he was) and was out of his mind excited when he was. He couldn’t believe Santa sent him a direct message. I tried not to cry as I observed his joy (but failed) and felt very lucky that we have so many people in our lives that have put a lot of extra effort into helping create a magical time of year for our littles.

5. Christmas words out of a 17 month old’s mouth
Ok, come on. Anything that Cookie says about Christmas melts my heart.

“San-da!” (When “ho ho ho…no” is too long)
“LIGHTS!!!!!!” (Anytime she sees Christmas lights)
“Al-bee!” (When she first finds Elfie in the morning)
“Mama, ho ho ho: Elmo, bay-bee, Zoë.” (Her wish list for Santa)
“Hap-pee bay-bee.” (What she called herself after opening Dylan’s gift of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Ernie bath toys.)

I’m just devouring it all, because it’s so. beyond. cute.

And a BONUS: That’s Christmas to Me
Pentatonix has a new Christmas album! It took me until December 19 to discover that, but YIPPEE!!!!! This choir nerd’s heart is literally singing.

Hope you are all having a joyous holiday season and are devouring your own moments of adorableness, joy, magic, and love.


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