Shia LaBeouf and Me. :(

Have you all seen Sia’s Elastic Heart video?

Ok, good.

Have you all seen how INCREDIBLY, DEVASTATINGLY SAD Shia LaBeouf is while Maddie from Dance Moms kicks his ass throughout the entire 5 minutes and 7 seconds of that song?


Ok, good.

Now you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

So we are starting to hear back from schools (yay! finally!) and the first round is from the Independent Charters Schools that we love. Recap: if we attend an independent charter school:

  1. I would be thrilled because I LOVE their philosophy of hands-on education and
  2. We would not need to move yet and could revisit that decision after Cookie finishes preschool, which let’s face it, makes my life a LOT easier. (Otherwise next year’s blog focus will be on The Great Preschool Search of 2016!…which I just really don’t want to do.)

So here’s what has happened so far. Schools are listed in order of when I heard back.

School 1: #237 on the Wait List

I heard they had 14 spots (after they accounted for the siblings), filled them, and then created the waitlist. We are #237, which means no chance in hell we’ll get in. Close the book on that one.

School 2: #18 on the Lottery List, which then got shifted to #20 on the Wait List (because I think a couple of the kids chosen were twins).

I heard they had 30 spots (after they accounted for the siblings), filled them, and then created the Wait List. I also hear that at #20, we have a great shot of getting in. Problem is, it probably would not happen until the school year starts, which means D-Bop would need to start somewhere else, and IF we get in, we would have to pull him out and switch schools. Not sure what my decision is if that were to happen, but it keeps this school in the running for sure.

School 3: #69 on the Lottery List.

So here is the fun one, just to give you some insight into the ABSOLUTE FUCKED-UPNESS CRAZINESS of this entire system.

One of my friends had a friend who went to the lottery and took pictures of the numbers. We were #69. There are 88 spots for kindergarten, but they still had to figure out how may siblings they had to account for, so we still needed to wait to hear officially from the school.

On Monday, I found out that we were officially #86 on the “Lottery List”, which I had no clue what that meant, so I called. They told me that if I was #88 or under on the “Lottery List”, I was in, so congratulations!! I tried not to, but I MAY have cried a few tears of joy. I tried not to, but I MAY have breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I tried not to, but I MAY have celebrated a tiny bit.  They told me I would receive my acceptance letter next.

I waited patiently checked my email obsessively for the next 24 hours, but still no letter. So I called and finally got to speak to the person who handles the lottery and learned that no, that was a mistake. They had 50 of the 88 spots accounted for, so take my lottery # that was sent out (86) and subtract 50 (36) and that’s my Wait List #.



So watching the Elastic Heart video I FINALLY can understand Shia LaBeouf’s pain! I mean, this video—Shia, you are just. so. sad. And terrified. And CONFUSED.  And frustrated.



We are in this together, man . You have adorable little Maddie chasing after you and just NOT LEAVING YOU ALONE and I have LAUSD taunting me in the EXACT SAME WAY:

LAUSD: “D-Bop has a really good CHANCE of getting in, but you probably won’t know until September!! KEEP THE HOPE ALIIIIIIIVE! HA HA HA HA!”

Me: “STOP CHASING ME LAUSD!! Just TAKE me or leave me BE!”

Oh wait, there is still school #4.

School #4: The lottery is this Friday.

So now is where you come in. I’m asking everyone to put out a little extra juju, prayers, positive energy– whatever you believe in—for me (and for all of my friends who are in this exact same situation). And if we don’t get in there, stay posted for MAJOR life changes, coming soon.

This is so. much. fun.  I LOVE leaving my family’s entire life plan up to luck and LAUSD.


P.S. I ❤ Sia.

3 thoughts on “Shia LaBeouf and Me. :(

  1. Thinking of you guys throughout this crazy process!! Fingers crossed and LOT’S of positive energy being thrown your way for School #4 (and #2 and #3 for that matter)!!


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