About Me

This blog is about my adventure as a mother of two littles. May include green lifestyle tips, recipes I love, crafts, cat stories, and the occasional movie or book review…but no promises to any of this. Except probably the cat stories.

Despite the name, this is NOT a political blog.



President OMama is a mother of two littles, her son “D-Bop” (4) and her daughter “Cookie” (1). She met her husband “Mac Daddy” in Middle School at the age of 11. When she turned 12, she was lucky enough to sing a duet with her husband for the school choir.   It was A Whole New World from Aladdin. Yesssssssss it was. Don’t worry—they haven’t been together since! They re-met years later when President OMama was trying to make it as an actress in LA and submitted to a project that Mac Daddy was casting. They fell in love (again), traveled the world (well, Europe) then had two littles. President OMama no longer acts, but still loves to write. And obsessively photobook. And read. And do lots of other things that she doesn’t have time for anymore. President OMama also works… a little bit…for an environmental non-profit.   Her boss rocks because he lets her work part time and from home as needed.

Don’t worry: the names above are not their real names. And also don’t worry, President OMama in no way THINKS she is President, WANTS to be President, or BELIEVES she is SMART ENOUGH to be President. President OMama was coined by her son when he was two. He called her that one day and she thought it was the CUTEST THING EVER SAID BY A TWO YEAR OLD EVER. EVER.

Thanks for reading!


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