“Staying Weird in Portland” or “Eyeballs”

I just got back from a weekend in Portland. The non-profit I work for went up there for a retreat, and I stayed an extra day to see all of Portland with one of my favorite friends who just happens to be my co-worker who lives there and works remotely.

His last day of (his last year of) preschool.

Today was D-Bop’s last day of (his last year of) preschool. Which means next year he is going to kindergarten.

A surprise for this super nostalgic mama is that now that we are here, I think I am ready for it.

Shia LaBeouf and Me. 😦

Have you all seen Sia’s Elastic Heart video?

Ok, good.

Have you all seen how INCREDIBLY, DEVASTATINGLY SAD Shia LaBeouf is while Maddie from Dance Moms kicks his ass throughout the entire 5 minutes and 7 seconds of that song?

My very own blue/black dress.

I don’t get the dress thing. I just don’t. I’ve tried over and over to read about it but it’s boring and I don’t understand it. I consider myself a somewhat intelligent person, but the amount of work my brain has to put into trying tounderstand the science behind it just. isn’t. worth. it.

However I can relate.

Let’s talk about birth order.

Let’s talk about birth order. Why? Because I find it fascinating, especially after my experience today.

I took my littles to run some errands, which I honestly try to avoid because it can be quite hellish, but the stars were aligned and we were all enjoying our time together. However, everywhere we went we got this reaction:

5 Years Old: will ALL my dreams come true?

Ok, no joke. Ever since I posted about how all I’ve ever wanted was to sit down and do arts and crafts with my littles, D-Bop has been non-stop drawing and coloring and writing. And yesterday he asked to MAKE NECKLACES!!!!!!! (Yes, OF COURSE we can go to Michaels and buy some beads!) And then later that day we decorated a giant box by DRAWING and GLUING things on it.

5 Favorite Holiday Memories from 2014

Last week I was discussing with some friends the age they found out the truth about Santa and someone threw out 7. SEVEN?!?!?! If that holds true then that means I only have 3 MORE YEARS OF THIS INSANITY JOY?! First I’ll have to send my little off to kindergarten and then a couple years later I’m going to have to say goodbye to Santa?

Elfie: a love/hate relationship.

This is our third year partaking in the Elf on a Shelf tradition. Our elf’s name is Elfie, and he stays with us every year from December 1 to December 24.

Angels on Earth

As we approach Thanksgiving…

Let me start again.

As we get launched at the rate of a speeding bullet into the holiday season (how did Thanksgiving get here so quickly?!) it’s important for me to STOP!!!! , take a few deep breaths and count my many blessings.

A dream come true.

For years I dreamt about becoming a mom and sitting down with my littles and doing lots of arts and crafts. I also dreamt about being a mom during the holidays and savoring the holiday spirit with them…which included more (holiday) arts and crafts, letters to Santa, singing Christmas carols, dreaming of sugar plums, and sipping hot cocoa… quietly and peacefully as we sang Christmas carols and did arts and crafts.

What does Prince Charming REALLY look like?

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. That would be because of two reasons:

  1. The craziness of October, and
  2. The Great Love Affair of 2014/2015 aka The Great Kindergarten Search.

And yes, it is ON.

Costume conundrum. Part 2.

(continued from Costume conundrum. Part 1.)

Because I love Halloween so much, once September hit I got super excited and was SO READY FOR THE 105 DEGREE WEATHER TO BE OVER THAT MAYBE IF I STARTED TALKING ABOUT HALLOWEEN IT WOULD GO AWAY. So naturally I started asking D-Bop what he wanted to be.

Costume conundrum. Part 1.

Because I love Halloween so much and because I’m a super nostalgic personwho is obsessed with photo booking in a rather unhealthy way, the Halloween costume decision is always a big one. And this year it was a tough one.

“16 Things I Learned From Chicago” or “How the Windy City Kicked My Ass.”

We did it. We made it to Chicago and back while traveling with two littles.

I’m proud of us because let’s face it, it’s not a great time to travel. Between Ebola scares, enterovirus outbreaks, flu season, a sick little the week before we left, and did I mention I have SEVERE anxiety flying with children, I was out of my comfort zone, to say the least.

Everyone wants to be October.

Hello October, you beautiful sexy beast of a month.  I was planning on posting this on October 1, but since it’s the month of October, I’m finally posting this on October 9. Because October is insanely busy, yet incredibly awesome. Here is why:

Unexpected comfort.

This last Sunday evening, we had to put our beloved cat, Casper, to sleep. His circumstances escalated to a state of emergency late Sunday night while both littles were sleeping, so neither of the littles got the chance to say good-bye. When D-Bop woke the next morning, Mac Daddy and I fought through tears as we told him the sad news. As he digested the information and studied our faces, he responded:

What’s all the drama about?

I have a confession.

While I am anxious as I continue The Great Kindergarten Search, deep down I truly believe it is all going to work out. And if it doesn’t, we will adjust or we will make a change, like Mac Daddy and I have always done throughout our marriage.

This sh*t is bananas.

My new love interest (LAUSD <3) is playing SERIOUS mind games and it’s kind of freaking me out. And now I can’t get that Gwen Stefani song out of my head: “This sh*t is bananas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” (It’s a crazy world inside this head of mine, but you probably know that by now.)

Why I won’t watch Chelsea Handler.

It’s coming. Soon. My friend dropped off this the other day:


The Foodmaker

Whenever I role play with D-Bop, he gets to decide who everyone is going to be. And it goes something like this:

The time I abandoned Kate Middleton. Part Two.

Pregnancy #2

Mac Daddy and I were thrilled to learn we were expecting baby number two. D-Bop was a little over 2 ½ at the time, and we were ready. Then it hit.

Earlier this time.

The time I abandoned Kate Middleton. Part One.

(Disclaimer: This may read as a “poor-me pity party”, but I promise that my intention is very simply to share my story for others who may be affected by this. And I talk about puking a lot, so maybe don’t read this while you’re eating lunch.)

Thank you, Chuck Norris

For the last year, D-Bop has been asking me to sign him up for karate so he can work on his Unagi. (Ok, that last part isn’t true, but I just really miss Friends.) I mean, the poor kid didn’t stand a chance since he has spent his entire life growing up in the very same neighborhood that The Karate Kid was shot, so I really can’t blame him.

Too Emotionally Invested Too Soon?

I was at the park with Cookie today when I started talking to another mom about preschools… which segued into kindergarten, of course, since it’s on my mind ALL THE TIME. The mom mentioned they are moving to Burbank for schools and I mentioned that we might move for schools as well.

No Day but Today

Tonight at about 6:30—post dinner, pre-bathtime—I was READY for my kids to be in bed. I started daydreaming about the TV Mac Daddy and I could watch; I was bursting with excitement about the talks we could have about our day; I was giddy thinking about the beers we could drink. And then a wave of emotion overtook me.

I feel like I’m dating again.

I feel like I’m dating again. I’m experiencing excitement and butterflies from not knowing what the future holds. I’m also trying to keep my head on straight, and not get ahead of myself, but take things slow and see how it goes. I’m trying to do my research (sneakily) and then it’s just waiting to see if those same feelings are returned.

The first day of (his last year of) preschool.

Today was D-Bop’s first day of (his last year of) preschool. Which means next year he is going to kindergarten. Which means every day for this entire year I will be doing my super nostalgic countdown to kindergarten.

The Curse of the Former Housekeeper

Ok, so in my last blog I mentioned that the reason why Cookie can only nap while being held by someone is because our former housekeeper put a curse on me.

There isn’t a baby sleeping on my chest.

This is my first blog (YAHOO!) and why I am writing it right now is very simple: there isn’t a baby sleeping on my chest.

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