My Favorites

Some of my favorite places to take my littles.

Good Fun

The Getty Center: It’s a gorgeous place to grab lunch, there is a huge grassy area where kids can run, and the tram is super fun for your littles.

Kidspace: A super fun children’s museum with plenty of stuff to entertain your littles.

Kidz Korner: My new favorite indoor play space.  Super clean and fun for both of my kids.

Lake Balboa: LA’s best kept secret and best park.  Hands down.

Los Angeles Zoo: Some people don’t like it, but I love it.  Despite what you think, you can plan on getting some good exercise in during your trip as you hike up and down the hills. And it’s HUGE.  Check out the new Rainforest exhibit and try to catch the sweet baby Howler Monkey that is 1 1/2 weeks old.

Mason Park and Splash Pad: Such a great play area and an awesome Splash Pad.  All brand new.

Noah’s Ark at the Skirball Center: One of the first places I took D-Bop.  Super creative, interactive and fun.

Please Touch Museum:  The best children’s museum I’ve ever been to.  It’s a don’t miss if you are in the area.  Problem is that it is in Philadelphia.

Underwood Family Farms: This is my happy place to go to with my kids when I can’t make it to Disneyland.  I love this place, and especially the goats that walk above your heads.  Both my kids love it here.

Good Eats

The Spot: Love this place and so do the littles.  Just a heads up about the rocks on the back patio.  Your littles will not be able to fight the urge to play with them.

CiCi’s Cafe: I don’t know WHAT they put in their food, but whatever it is I’m sure it’s really good for you.  Whatevs– it’s amazing.  And so is the coffee.  But if you don’t get there by 8am, you will wait for at least 30 minutes.  Don’t worry– your littles will be sure you are up bright and early!

Good Classes

Little Movers and Shakers: LOVE. THIS. CLASS. SO. MUCH.  Oh, it’s a Mommy and Me music class.  And all the music is worldly and not obnoxious. Check it out.

Junior Gym: Super great program for the little ones.  The coaches are awesome and this class really builds strength and self-confidence.  And it’s super fun.

Good Resources

Jen’s List: This woman is a super woman and helps other super women find things they need, like nannies and jobs and second hand baby items.

Red Tricycle: Fun things for your family to do.

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